General Access Info

KOKO's Disability Policy KOKO is keen to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people and to take the necessary steps to meet disabled people's needs. This guide is designed to inform everybody who comes to KOKO what we can offer customers who may have particular needs. Bookings & Ticketing We do not have allocated disabled tickets. We do not have "disabled area" tickets. Tickets must be bought in the same way as non disabled people. Once a person has bought a ticket we can provide them an allocated space in the disabled area. If the event is sold out we cannot sell extra tickets. Personal Assistant Ticketing Scheme People with accessibility needs may need to have someone with them. We offer a 2 for 1 Ticket Policy for personal assistants. This arrangement is made through the venue and not the ticketing agencies. Aside from this we do not offer a reduced rate ticket price. The service we offer is of equal quality to both disabled and non disabled people so a discount is not necessary.